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Smach solutions is a Melbourne based software solutions provider. For over 5 years we’ve been bringing custom software solutions to the companies around the globe. With our rich and varied experience in the domain and our stringent quality standards, we are able to develop safe software solutions that give your business an edge over your competitors. We offer end to end IT solutions and our areas of expertise include Cyber Security, ERP, Mobile application development, animation and digital marketing

Even the best IT departments at the best firms are not up to the speed of cutting-edge technology. IT departments exist to keep systems running effectively and make safety improvements that support the existing business function.

Firms that are serious about transformation are also serious about talent getting the right people on board.

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Digital Transformation

A digital transformation will change the way a customer relates to your firm- often using a two- sided platform business model that allows customers to contribute, data, insights, and even products and services digital transformation is to invite customer to interact and collaborate with your company in an entirely new way.

User Expereince

A top-notch user experience is a fantastic way to keep customers involved and engaged with the business. This is a comprehensive process. Anywhere and everywhere customers can interact with your business, the experience must be consistent and positive. Technologies can be used to discover where customers are coming from (whether it’s a social media platform, a blog, or somewhere else) and streamline the interaction in those high-traffic areas.

Data Analytics

In the age of digital transformation, almost everything can be measured. Analytics drive business by showing how your customer think, what they want, and how the market views your brand.

Resource Dashboard









We support you to analyse customer touch points and departments and develop a digital transformation path for better customer experience and cost effective business operations.